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    Hello. We're Better with Jam. We create and build authentic brands.

    A small but mighty creative company committed to excellence in our work and our service. We’re an agency with deep expertise in helping brands find their compelling point of difference. For more than 30 years we’ve paired strategic tools with beautiful design solutions to help hundreds of businesses across a range of categories stand-out, transform and grow.

  • Janet Butler Pilates

    Janet Butler Pilates Become a better, happier, healthier you!

    Our brief was to create a brand identity. Then apply it to a host of brand materials and to design and build a new website.
    What we did at a glance | branding | design | copy | photography | art direction | marketing | web design | web build | brand strategy
    Janet Butler is a very successful Pilates teacher and she now feels she has a brand that reflects her uniqueness.

  • Peter Couper Architects

    Peter Couper Architects Simplicity lies at the heart of good design

    Our brief was to create a new brand. And then to design and build a website for this talented London architect.
    What we did at a glance | branding | design | copy | web design | web build | brand strategy
    This investment has already paid for itself with new client wins within 3 months of launch.

  • Visit Lancaster

    Visit Lancaster A small city with a big story

    Our brief,  to design and build a visitor and destination website for Lancaster.
    What we did at a glance | brand development | design | photography and art direction | copy | web design | web development | marketing strategy | campaign ideas
    Travellers are looking to be inspired and captivated by a destination and in this very competitive marketplace you also need to stand out from the crowd. From the grade I-listed fortress, Lancaster Castle, which dates back 1,000 years to Ashton Memorial, the Edwardian Baroque memorial, like a mini St Paul’s high on a hill, that dominates Lancaster’s skyline, this is a city that welcomes one and all.





  • LPC Furniture

    LPC Furniture The must have furniture that no one else has

    Our brief was to rebrand and reposition this iconic family owned furniture retailer.
    What we did at a glance | brand | design | photography and art direction | copy | web design | adverts | marketing strategy
    The new brand identity and repositioning with a stunning new website means this 25 year old brand is fit for purpose and future proof for the next 25 years.

  • Virginia House

    Virginia House A time and a place for Joy

    Our brief was to rebrand and reposition this family owned new restaurant with rooms.
    What we did at a glance | brand | design | photography and art direction | copy | digital | brand materials | print | marketing strategy | PR | brand comms | social media marketing | email and text marketing.
    The new brand identity and repositioning reinforced by the marketing campaigns is set to establish Virginia House as a fine dining, award-winning destination venue.

  • Pennine Way Preserves

    Pennine Way Preserves Preserves made the way they should be

    Our brief was to rebrand this well know artisan food producer who’ve been making preserves the traditional way for 40 years.
    What we did at a glance | brand | design | photography | copy | digital | packaging | print | PR.
    The new brand identity and new labels reflect the heritage but introduce a more contemporary and modern feel. Future proof branding!

  • 20 Fab Years

    20 Fab Years Quite Simply Fabulous for 20 years

    Our brief was how to make a massive noise to celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of Lancaster’s finest restaurants.
    What we did at a glance: design | photography | copy | digital| social | print | marketing | PR.
    Smashed all records as the best year ever.

  • M J Bird & Son

    M J Bird & Son Furnishing homes with top quality brands for generations.

    Our brief was to rebrand and reposition MJ Bird & Son, a family business since 1957 and to widen their appeal to a younger audience.
    What we did at a glance: brand | design | photography | copy | website | digital| social | advertising | media | marketing | PR.
    Sales shot up by 20%.

  • Light Up Lancaster

    Light Up Lancaster A Magical Festival of Light and Art.

    Our brief was rebrand and revitalise this annual Lancaster event  to attract a wider audience and build a national reputation.
    What we did at a glance: branding | design | photography | copy | digital| social | print | marketing | PR.
    Web users up 7K, Twitter impressions up 50K, Facebook fans up 1K

  • About

    A small but mighty creative company committed to excellence in our work and our service. We’re an agency with deep expertise in helping brands find their compelling point of difference.

    For more than 30 years we’ve paired strategic tools with beautiful design solutions to help hundreds of businesses across a range of categories stand-out, transform and grow.

    We’ve built our brand marketing agency on these 4 cornerstones:


  • Creativity

    Creativity 4 cornerstones of our success

    Creativity and brilliant ideas are at the heart of everything we do.
    There’s never been more ways to get your brand seen. And also: there’s also never been more competition. With brands everywhere vying for attention, marketing methods that worked even a year ago just don’t do the job anymore. That’s why we aim to deliver something truly unique and wonderfully engaging every time.

  • Happiness

    Happiness 4 cornerstones of our success

    We actively pursue happiness.  Today brands that achieve happiness stand the best chance of developing long-term relationships and fostering a sense of loyalty with their audience. People want to engage with brands that give them a positive experience and have a positive brand purpose. Let’s promote positive thinking together.

  • Teamwork

    Teamwork 4 cornerstones of our success

    Our team is made up of the very best people we know. We encourage individuality, treat each other with kindness and respect, and nurture all ideas – no matter how small. We’re a bunch of experts with over 100 years of collective experience. Why have one expert, when you could have a veritable melting-pot of knowledge, ideas and talent? When we collaborate, we become greater than the sum of our parts. And this is how we grow, innovate and create the very best brands for our clients.

  • Partnership

    Partnership 4 cornerstones of our success

    If you’re absolutely committed to the brand process, we’ll return your commitment a hundred times over. We’ll embed ourselves in your business and ensure your brand has exactly what it needs to succeed. We’ll give you an unparalleled level of support. All we ask for in return is that you commit to the journey. A strong partnership built on honesty and mutual respect means together we can reach for the stars!

  • Meet the Team

    We’re about as eclectic a team as you’ll find at any agency.
    We’re experts in  branding, strategy, communications, design, advertising and technology. We’re fans of opera and house music, roller-derby and wild swimming, sushi and steak, espresso martinis and beer.
    We hail from far-flung corners of the map, and we’re the best of friends. Diversity is our strength but at the end of the day we all speak a singular and unified language: brand authenticity.

  • Janie Ash

    Janie Ash Top Banana

    Managing Director
    Notable Brands: London Evening Standard, MTV, Channel 5, Capital Radio, Blockbuster, Thus PLC, Avaterra.com, Warners Bros, Channel 4
    “Individually we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.”

  • Lynda Caine

    Lynda Caine Creative Maniac

    Creative Director.
    Notable Brands: Vodafone, Jet 2, Mars Drinks, Thomas Cook, Tirril Brewery, Light up Lancaster, Hodson Architects, Quite Simply French
    “We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other.”

  • Peter Kennedy-Lane

    Peter Kennedy-Lane Detail Obsessive

    Senior Designer.
    Notable Brands: Tirril Brewery, Chemtrac, Barton Grange Group, MJ Bird & Son, Quite Simply French, Light Up Lancaster
    “If you can’t make a mistake…you can’t make anything.”

  • Stuart Caine

    Stuart Caine Problem Solver

    Notable Brands: Channel 4, First Direct, Greggs, John Lewis, Fox’s Biscuits, HSBC.
    “Don’t be the same. Be better.”

  • Larry Barcas

    Larry Barcas Numbers Man

    Finance Director.
    Notable Brands: The Rehab Agency, Armer Associates, Mackies.
    “Team mates have your back. So if you fall you’ll always have someone to help you back onto your feet”

  • Oliver Brown

    Oliver Brown Digital Genius

    Digital Director
    Notable Brands: Island Records, HSBC, Land Securities, MoneySuperMarket & Quite Simply French.
    “Collaborate with people you can learn from.”

  • Services

    We’ll come up with the big idea and make it work right across the spectrum of media. We won’t just think it, we’ll strategise it, brand it, design it, photograph it, programme it or print it. Heck, we’ll even Tweet and Instagram it!  We’re your friendly, full-service partners every step of your creative and marketing journey.

  • Branding


    Need a name? Need an identity? Need a brand strategy? Need some brand guidelines? We are in the brand business! Whether you’re launching something new or just need a contemporary tweak to your existing brand, Better With Jam identifys your key brand values, vision and goals to produce a brand that works for you and wows your audience.

  • Marketing


    Just what is marketing? A science? An art? A load of old baloney that agencies charge over the odds for? At Better With Jam, it’s the determination and inspiration to find ways to reach your audience with the perfect, arresting message. And the desire and drive to do it cost-effectively so you can enjoy a healthy return on your investment

  • Design


    We stand for the inordinate power of good design in everything we do: designing thoughtfully, responsibly and intelligently for all our clients. Good design is for all of our tomorrows. That’s what we do at Better With Jam. We make sure that your beautiful, valuable brand also looks beautiful and valuable. And we make sure we deliver design solutions that match your message, and not ones that just look cool for the sake of it.

  • Digital


    So much marketing, advertising and promotion is online or interactive nowadays, that you don’t just want an agency that pays lip service to digital media, but who knows it inside out and upside down. An agency who can translate the digital options for you and deliver effective, dynamic solutions when it comes to web-based creative, web development, email marketing, social media campaigns and more. And that’s us!

  • Photography


    Better with Jam always choose the right photographer for the job and we art direct every single shoot. Brand imagery has always had the ability to connect with people emotionally. It’s what attracts consumers to brands and why they make strong emotional connections with brands who have invested in stunning photography and video.


  • Place Branding

    A more thoughtful academically informed approach to Place Branding is the collaboration between Better with Jam and Lancaster University.

    This collaboration of academic and creative design means we are uniquely positioned to offer in-depth consideration with practical solutions. We have a shared belief that to affect social change you need to create a movement, A local brand needs buy-in and ownership, it needs communicated within and beyond the place.

  • What sets us apart?

    We use innovative academic research and an established framework of data collection and analysis to enable place-based communities to define their essences.

  • Our Goal

    It’s to close the gap between a place’s facts and assets, and people’s perception of it. Place Branding is about building something where people want to be. Instead of telling people why you’re great, be great and the people will take notice. The goal is to have perceptions that will be proven by a visit or a conversation with someone who knows that place well; you want expectations to be met or exceeded, rather than disappointed.

  • Our Process

    Projects are bespoke and tailored for each client. The purpose of our seminars are to open minds to the discovery of the community’s essence, purpose, and future story. The aim is for collaboration and ownership for a collective future.
    It is for this reason that we take a long term approach – to help build intergenerational legacies.

    View our Place Branding Programme


  • Contact We're better... with you!

    We aren’t all work, work, work though, we make sure we have fun along the way. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be half as good at what we do. If you like working with talented fun people, don’t be shy introduce yourself…hello@betterwithjam.com or give us a bell 01524 823 507