Brief, crisp, penetrating, perceptive and creative insights into the hearts and minds of consumers.
Compelling calls to action.
Memorable ideas, images and stories.
Where less is more.
Where understanding triumphs over information.

Listen to Albert Einstein: “Be as simple as possible, but no simpler.”

We live today not in the Information Age, but in the age of Information Anxiety. This is the condition of being swamped with data but starved of understanding.

There is so much information available today that by itself, information means nothing. It’s just background noise.

You all know the argument. People today are time-poor and stressed-out. They have increasing demands on their attention. People can’t absorb or react to all the competing messages they are confronted with each day. There is just so much stuff out there, hundreds of television channels, thousands of magazines and millions of websites, billions of faxes, emails and phone calls and trillions of transactions. The result is that consumer attention has become the most powerful currency in today’s economy.

No matter what kind of business or organisation you are, your job today is competing for the attention of consumers. The challenge for both clients and agencies is to be at the simplicity and clarity end, the understanding end, the ideas end, not at the complexity and volume end.

We create brands that stand out like a shining beacon in the sea of ambiguity and complexity.

I’ve spent 30 years in brand management and I believe more than ever that what we want the brand to stand for in the consumer’s mind, is the foundation of long term company success.

The job number one is to build brand equity.

The critical challenge of advertising remains unchanged – to build brands that consumers trust, and therefore use year after year.

The need for meaningful consumer identification with the brand has become more crucial than it’s ever been before as new media evolve.

Brands make consumers feel connected. Brands convince people they want to belong. Brands tell their story, give their point of view and state their points of difference. Brands give confidence and offer a route through the confusion.

They are a way for consumers to become emotionally involved. Brands are a promise, you know what you’re getting, exactly, always. You can count on them. You trust them. Some, thank God, you love!

What you really want from a brand is engagement. You want dreams, memories, passion and laughter. That’s what great brands provide. And that’s we bring to every medium and tool we touch, the web included.

All brands and brand building must strive for emotional connections, for the great stories and for love.

The very best clients have the vision, the focus, the time and the commitment to manage their brands magically. They deliver a great brief, we deliver a great product!

The best companies, the peak performers of business, are driven by ideas, insight, instinct, intuition, inspiration, innovation and imagination.

Emotion. Passion. Ideas. Simplicity. These are the big things that business needs from its creative agency.

Creativity is a rare thing.

Creative directors don’t grow on trees like MBAs. There are, for example, only about 20 people in the world at this moment capable of competing competitively in Formula One motor-racing, and this is probably the same number of people who can consistently turn out breathtaking, world-changing creative.

We seek to produce mind-blowing, mind-changing advertising and marketing that drives our client’s business and helps their brands reach the stars.