Google-once was Backrub. Can you imagine a world without Google? Can you imagine the well known Google logo design with any other name? It’s a good thing there was a change of name in 1998, or this company might not be the internet giant we all know.

Pepsi Cola-once was Brad’s Drink. Originally named after its inventor, this world famous cola might not be the world beverage giant it now is had it not changed its name to represent two of its main ingredients, the enzyme pepsin and kola nuts. Can you imagine a ‘Brad’s Drink Nation’? We didn’t think so.

AOL-once was Quantum Computer Services. America Online, or its better known acronym AOL, is much clearer about the purpose of the company in question and also easier to write and say than its predecessor. Is it any wonder that none of us have heard of Quantum but we all have heard of AOL?

Accenture-once was Andersen Consulting. The old name was clear enough about the company’s field, but simply not catchy enough. Accenture is short, stylish, and allows for an interesting logo design, with an accent mark over the wording.