Process & Prices

If your brand isn’t cohesive with your core values, your clients won’t trust you. The whole point of branding is to create trust, to get the clients you want and for them to feel you’ve delivered on your promise.

Amazing things come from collaboration

Our process can align with your needs. Every project is different and that means the approach must be as well. We can implement daily calls for check-ins as well as off-site sessions and on-site workshops for collaboration.

We become an extension of your team
Our team shepherd our efforts and establish project plans around your objectives. We build a team around your needs and provide our clients with direct access to everyone involved… including the creatives .

We manage things through various means
We use various tools to keep things on track, including Teamwork, Google, Dropbox, Skype and email to name a few. We also don’t mind doing things the old-school way… direct dialogue via phone calls and face-to-face conversations.

New Clients

STAGE 1: – Fact Find Meeting

Fact Find
Market Research
Brand Audit

STAGE 2: – Proposal meeting

Overview Strategy and Proposal
Creative Concepts (require an upfront non-refundable payment)

STAGE 3: – Specification

Specify project in detail to include brand materials
Timeline project

STAGE 4: – Appointment

Sign off – Terms and Conditions and Contract

Brand Process

STAGE 1: – Brand Concepts
– photography style
– logo
– strapline

STAGE 2: – Marketing + Photography
– plan
– timelines
– budgets

STAGE 3: – Brand Development
Brand Materials
includes design and copy and digital development
– website
– brochure
– flyers
– email template

STAGE 4: – Brand Development
Brand Launch
– website content
– social media design and content
– marketing starts – teasers and PR

STAGE 5: – Brand Management
Monthly retainer to cover the following tasks:

Industry Trends and New Ideas
– designed to meet client’s objectives such as increase sales and raise profile

– creating content and implementation for news and updates

– creating content, managing data and delivery of e-newsletters

Social Media
– creating content for Facebook, Twitter and Google +
– also overview of other channels such as Instagram, You Tube, Trip Advisor and Linked In.
– managing and posting content to all above channels
– interacting with fans
– managing and editing fanbase
– managing social media advertising

– advertising planning and implementation
– media planning and management
– media liaison
– PR planning and implementation
– strategy planning and implementation
– sales promotions and events
– personal selling
– customer acquisition and retention strategies.
– data management

NOT included in retainer but also looking after:
Brand Development
– photography
– graphic design
– copy
– print
– digital development for web and social media

Ballpark Prices

Your brand is your foundation and we are expert brand creators:

What we try to do with new companies and old ones is help them understand what their brand is and how they can talk about it We immerse ourselves in your brand by becoming your partner and members of your team.
If your brand isn’t cohesive with your core values, your clients won’t trust you.
The whole point of branding is to create trust, to get the clients you want and for them to feel you’ve delivered on your promise.

Understanding the costs:
Building a brand is a core business activity, just as important as leasing office space, recruiting the right people or developing your product or service. A good brand identity should be looked at as an investment and, similarly to buying a home, how much it costs depends on how big of an investment you are willing to make and what your needs are.

You pay for what you get:
Your brand is often the first point of contact for prospective clients or customers. It’s the one thing that they’ll see before anything else. The old adage “you get what you pay for” is relevant here. If you spend £300, £400, £500 on a logo don’t expect to get a great return on that investment. The bottom line is, the more you invest, the more likely you are to get a better quality, stronger brand that resonates with your target audience.

You don’t have to do it all at once but do it right:
Better with Jam’s partnership philosophy means we will work with you to implement the brand identity within your budget and timelines

What you might need to invest:

Brand identity prices start from about £5,000.

Brand development, depends on what you want really!
Each project is different and we have to specify the project with you in detail before we can give you an estimate.
Prices can vary from £2,000 to over £20,000.