Last year looked like it was the end of Lancaster’s involvement with The International Youth Games, as it was announced Lancaster City Council was no longer able to fund the games, leaving the 35 year old tradition in jeopardy.

Previously, the International Youth Games took place every year, with young people from Lancaster competing against youngsters from its twin towns including Aalborg in Denmark, Almere in the Netherlands and Rendsburg, Germany.

However, following a local fundraising drive and a donation from the Duchy of Lancaster, the International Youth Games have now been secured for another year and will take place once again this summer.

Support to bring back the games came in many forms, and Better with Jam was quick to respond to the appeal for help, offering to create a branding for the games.

Janie Ash, Managing Director of Better with Jam, said: “We are committed to supporting our local community and especially young people so we really wanted to help. When we heard about the heritage of the games, and how much it has benefited the youngsters taking part, we knew it was a pro=bono project for us. The participants get to learn about other cultures and make friends for life, which is invaluable. We wish them well and would urge other businesses to show this excellent organisation support.”

The committee is made up of tennis, athletics, swimming and karate coaches who volunteer their time in training the teenagers as well as organising the games.

Chris Haagen, organiser and coach, said: “The Games would not been happening without the help of local people and businesses. Better with Jam have done some amazing work for us, including branding, logo and medal design. They have created an identity pro-bono that reflects our ambitions for the future. What a great bunch of people dedicated to the young people of the community.”

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 12.52.31    IYG_LOGO