With Brexit, immigration and the NHS dominating the news, it’s unlikely that the creative industries will be a key focus for the UK’s political parties in the run-up to next month’s general election. But the Creative Industries Federation has today published a manifesto urging leaders to take action to support and protect the creative sector.

The manifesto puts forward ten recommendations. These include introducing a new visa system “that recognises the needs of fast-growing, world leading and highly innovative sectors” and launching a nationwide campaign to promote creative careers in schools. It also proposes doubling the number of creative companies that export by the end of the next Parliament.

In a statement announcing its manifesto, the Creative Industries Federation claims that the creative industries will be key to driving growth in a post-Brexit Britain. “The sector is the fastest growing part of the UK’s economy, contributing £87bn in GVA. It returns four times the GVA of the automotive industry, six times as much as life sciences and nearly 10 times that of aerospace. Between 2011 and 2015, it created three times more jobs than the economy as a whole,” it says.

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