Gorgeous Cheesecakes


In its previous incarnation, Gorgeous Cheesecakes (then known as Lancashire Cheesecakes) was a small, artisan producer, with Selfridges as their main customer. They had some clear objectives: to create a brand that reflects their passion for their products and increase wholesale customers and double sales in 12 months. To extend the brand into new ranges and products and to position the brand and company for growth.

So, our brief was renaming and rebranding to reflect their high quality, so they could extend the brand’s reach beyond their current customer base.



So, whilst they had many strengths including, good provenance of ingredients and supportive relationships with customers, there was a huge disconnect between the brand and the product. Struggling with space limitations as well as a lack of brand clarity and brand awareness together with an old fashioned brand identity and website it was proving very difficult to position the company for growth.

Unforgettable Taste Sensation


We set about creating the brand building blocks. What we needed to do was create an identity that showed their perfection. Masters of their craft, they were passionate and respectful of the ingredients, meticulously crafting each cheesecake by hand. The brand values of sexiness, luxuriousness, purity and purity needed to be embodied in the identity. We created different, stylish designs to communicate the unique ranges of the products, from top of the range to every-day, all with a consistent luxury feel.

Our process and approach was to create a brand that oozed style, class but was also fun, unique and charming, that would give them a solid foundation for future success.


"I would like to thank you for going above and beyond with the support you have given us and the patience you have shown myself and Matt. Working with such a great prestigious company like yourselves has been a fantastic experience."