Peter Couper Architects

The Challenge

London based, Peter Couper Architects, commissioned us to create a simple, iconic brand.

We looked at brand ideas that conveyed building lasting relationships between people and places Our research told us that most architect practices tend to focus on their final output, talking more about awards for themselves and less about rewards for their clients. What makes Peter and the team different is their focus on the journey, not the destination. They really do care about building meaningful relationships with everyone connected to the project that will last longer than just the duration of the project.

Brand Story

I’m interested in creating buildings that enhance people’s lives. A building project is all about making the best of light, space, views and materials. What a building feels like is just as important as how it looks.

I like to think I go deep, a little deeper than most to find the right answers. Using creativity, intuition and design to find the solution to a brief and budget. By carefully understanding the lives of the people who inhabit the building the resolution to the brief becomes apparent. I try not to let brilliant ideas get watered down. Instead, by quietly listening, observing and understanding I’m able to create spaces that exceed expectations.

I believe my work has honesty and integrity, without gimmicks.

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