Filbert's Bakery

The Project

Felicity Durwyn owns an award winning bakery, Filbert’s Bakery. Her commitment to her community and baking delicious bread is second to none. She’s is just the kind of client that we love working with, passionate and ethical.

We’ve been working with Fil to refresh her brand looking at the customer experience  – the best bread starts with simple ingredients and is coaxed along by skilled bakers with passion and heart. Filbert’s uniqueness is their heartfelt desire to spread happiness with their bread and that together with the brand promise of being the best part of their customers day. This is a brand that is bursting with authenticity, making it a delight to capture all that magic and weave it into a strong brand story.



“Working Janie and her team has been a delight. They have proven themselves to be not only clever, creative and insightful but also patient and kind and passionate about helping us grow our business. They really are the brand and marketing people you want on your side and as part of your team because they are honest and totally have your best interests are heart.”

Felicity Duirwyn


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