Tirril Brewery

The Problem

In a complex and saturated market successful craft beers need to stand out from competition. There’s a demand for provenance and  authentic heritage. With the number of UK breweries reaching a 70-year high, more brands are competing for a shrinking ‘share of throat’ as beer is affected by the trend of falling overall alcohol usage. Convincing consumers of high quality and value for money remained important, and also staving off competition from challengers such as cider. Tirril’s beers were high on taste but looked boring and old fashioned.


The thinking that goes into creating a brand is always holistic. Where will people see the brand. Where will they buy it. What will make them choose that brand and not the competitor. It’s all about the consumer.

Our Creative team conceived of an idea to paint the labels onto the bottle and describe the beer, rather like wine is described. This had never been done before and involved some new and thrilling production techniques.

Look how the labels tell the story:
Tirril. The Lakeland Brewery. The Creators of Perfection & Artists with an obsession that led to Pennine Pilsner’. Each and every drop of the ale you’re holding right now is made by an artisan brewer using local Lakeland water to achieve absolute perfection in a bottle. We are the craftsman, the artists and the ale lovers. We are Tirril – The Lakeland Brewery.

“Our quest to create drinks perfection starts right here in The Lakes – with the water itself”

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