Visit Lancaster

The Challenge

Lancaster City Council wanted to create their own visitor brand and website, after years of not having a presence online.

In developing the brand, we focused on creating the right imagery to show the people of the place. And that informed our photography, which was briefed as ‘This is our heritage city, full of diversity and people living their lives to the full.” The art direction was crucial to capture the spirit of the place and the people so the photography could be used to market Lancaster to visitors from all over the world.

The website we designed and built was bespoke focused on making it an easy user experience. Simple, clear and extremely functional for both the client and the audience.

Brand Story

Fall in love with Lancaster.

Lancaster is one of England’s Heritage Cities. It’s as vibrant as it is quirky with a captivating past and a cultured present. A creative city. An independent city. A city with a great outdoors. A city to shout about. Lancaster is a city with great stories to tell.

Learn of old tales from castle prison walls, or take in a play. Follow bygone footsteps along hidden alleyways, or delight in quirky shops. Go to upbeat gigs in old-world pubs, or marvel at the Georgian splendour. Enjoy a great outdoors, or just a great cup of coffee. Get into Lancaster’s vibe, fall in love with its charm. Discover one of England’s Heritage Cities. Discover Lancaster.

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