New work for Best Girl Productions

Design, marketing and crowdfunding for a new play by Christine Mackie

Actor Christine Mackie (Coronation Street & Downton Abbey) wrote this semi-autobiographical play in a moment of heartfelt reconciliation with events in her own past – and gave it to her daughter, actor Lois Mackie (WYP, Catherine Wheels, Dukes, Elysium & Hope Mill Theatre).

From being finalists in the 2019 LET Awards, Christine and Lois were offered a space at the Pleasance Courtyard and that means BEST GIRL will be at The Pleasance Cellar for the whole Festival.

We were delighted to work with Best Girl Productions to help them with design, marketing and a crowdfunding campaign.

They will also be supporting FIRSTLIGHT TRUST and YOUNGMINDS (veterans and mental health charities).

Here’s a few words from Christine:

“We are immensely grateful to all friends who have already put their money where their support is by buying tickets for the development events at Hope Mill, The Dukes and the LET Competition.

And a few words from Lois:

“To be taking part in my first one-woman show is emotional and challenging in it’s self, but add to that the subject matter and family connection and we’ve got something really unique. I am very proud of what we have made and excited to share it with everyone.”

Here’s, what’s people are saying:

“A sharply written, moving, wise and witty play.” April de Angelis. Playwright and Olivier Award nominee

” A thought-provoking piece matched with a heart-warming performance” Joseph Houston, Artistic Director, Hope Mill Theatre,

BEST GIRL will be at GMF July 18-20th or at Edinburgh Festival August 1-26th (except 12th & 19th).