Actor Christine Mackie wrote this semi-autobiographical play in a moment of heartfelt reconciliation with events in her own past – and gave it to her daughter, actor Lois Mackie.

The Growing Club’s rebrand shows we are a business rooted in purpose. Our purpose is to share our expertise and talent with our community. We believe good business makes for a better world and also makes business sense.

Women in the Food Industry’ a new platform for thought leadership and relationship building for women working in Britain’s food, drink and hospitality industry

The results and outcomes are far better than I imagined and I feel extremely proud of what you have done for me.

Better with Jam have big city talent without the high costs of a London agency.

Our strategic marketing and our great hospitality network ensured that Craig Sherrington came to the attention of The Great British Menu.

Dr Ed McKeever form Lancaster University ” We were trending no. 3 on twitter in Ireland. Your presentation drew a lot of positive comment in Ireland. Ireland loves Better with Jam”

Professional photographs taken for your business is absolutely essential for communicating your brand essence.

Entrepreneurs are the stars of our community. We need them inside the School to keep every programme and every piece of research sharp with insights from the frontline of business.

Being nominated for this award is a worthy pat on the back for everyone here, and a celebration of a female entrepreneur making a big difference at the heart of the community.

What we did at a glance was design, photography and art direction, email marketing, social media promotions and marketing.

Vive la Difference Campaign. Photography by Rachel Hayton. Art Direction by Peter Kennedy Lane.