New work: Rebranding for The Growing Club

Rebranding, design, art direction and print management for this business Growth Club for Women.

We are proud to announce our rebrand of, The Growing Club. The Growing Club is an alternative model business growth club for women sole traders, female owners of micro-business and female founders of not-for-profit organisations.

The rebrand comes after the community interest company opened its doors in 2016 to help and support women wanting to start up or grow a business, offering various programmes and courses. This innovative initiative has helped more than 250 women to build their confidence to thrive in business.

Jane Binnion, one of the founding directors, was absolutely delighted to accept our pro-bono offer to rebrand to create a strong brand identity, that would future proof the organisation.

“I recognised that our current branding was lacking in a professional identity, so when Janie Ash offered to help with brand strategy and create a new identity for us, quite frankly, I was over the moon. We have some ambitious expansion plans and the rebrand will give us a strong framework to deliver a consistency and build the profile of our brand. I am extremely grateful to Better with Jam for their generosity and kindness.”

We count Lancaster Priory Church, Lancaster Vision, Light up Lancaster, International Youth Games, The Dukes and Growing Well, among our pro-bono clients over the years. We offer branding, design, web and marketing for all our clients, with in-depth strategy and insight informing all of our creative work.

The new identity reflects The Growing Club’s deep passion for helping women to explore, start and grow their own business. It focuses on bright, fresh colours for universal appeal and has been overseen by our Creative Director, Peter Kennedy-Lane.

Janie Ash, said:

“We are a business rooted in purpose. Our purpose is to share our expertise and talent with our community. We believe good business makes for a better world and also makes business sense. We offer a helping hand in enhancing a company’s brand image,for those who need it most, by sharing a passion for creativity, happiness, teamwork and partnership. We believe if you can consistently impress your customers they’ll trust you.They’ll write about you and instil trust in others. This is modern branding at it’s finest. It’s not your name that counts but the experience you provide.

“We are passionate about what we stand for and believe in and working with The Growing Club, is something all of us will own together. We believe in Jane and her mission to help women. And we believe that working in collaboration and partnership, we all become more than the sum of our parts.”