Line-up for Great British Menu 2018.

Our strategic marketing together with our great hospitality network ensured that our client Craig Sherrington from Virginia House came to the attention of The Great British Menu’s production company back in July 2017. Craig’s cooking and friendly personality did the rest winning him a place on Great British Menu 2018 North West Heats.

The cooking competition is back this summer, with a host of new and returning chefs from across the UK hoping to make a name for themselves by paying tribute to the NHS. Take a look at who’s appearing in the 2018 edition of Great British Menu.

No other televised cooking competition (and let’s be honest, there are quite a few) goes to such intricate, technical detail as Great British Menu. There might be the odd gimmicky presentation, dishes that completely miss the brief or minor meltdowns in the kitchen, but there’s no better platform for the cream of Britain’s culinary crop to strut their stuff and make a name for themselves as one of the UK’s best chefs. This year the competition pays homage to the NHS, which is celebrating seventy years since its conception – let’s hope there aren’t too many syringes filled with sauces or desserts served on mini hospital beds.

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