Rebrand for Virginia House.

Virginia House asked to rebrand them as a fine dining Restaurant with a Gin Parlour and Rooms to match their award winning aspirations.

Virginia House. RESTAURANT | GIN PARLOUR | ROOMS A time and a place for joy.

There’s a time for eating. There’s a time for drinking. There’s a time for resting. At Virginia House there’s plenty of time for all three. And the perfect place, too. Craig and Louise Sherrington welcome you to their beautifully crafted world. They welcome you to a Restaurant where you’re as likely to find key ingredients foraged fresh that day from the nearby woods as you are quality local produce from the market. They welcome you to an atmospheric Gin Parlour where craft botanicals, artisan mixology, fine wines and friends all gorgeously mingle. And they welcome you to bright, fresh boudoirs for a peaceful end to a perfect day. In other words, they welcome you to joy.