A brand is a beautiful thing

Enormously powerful. Enormously fragile. Building a brand takes vision. It takes passion and sweat. And perhaps most importantly, it takes discipline.

The discipline to never waiver from your brand’s DNA and what your message to the world will be.

You want your brand is not just in the hearts and minds of a few, but in the minds and hearts of hundreds of people who will touch the brand and share it with the world. It is impossible to overemphasise the importance of brand consistency. Endless studies prove consistency increases awareness and helps cement an emotional connection to a brand.

The more single-minded you are, the more powerful your brand will be. It’s that simple.

Consumers need to build a relationship and they need to know what you stand for. They need you to deliver of your promise. Brands make consumers feel connected. Brands convince people they want to belong.

Brands tell their story, give their point of view and state their points of difference.

Brands give confidence and offer a route through the confusion.
They are a way for consumers to become emotionally involved.
Brands are a promise, you know what you’re getting, exactly, always.
You can count on them.
You trust them.

Brand guidelines are your tool to keep your brand consistent. This is your road map and a framework for future success.