There’s a time for eating. There’s a time for drinking. There’s a time for resting. At Virginia House there’s plenty of time for all three. And the perfect place, too.

With online furniture retailers disrupting the market LPC asked us to rebrand them and design a new website.

Social media gives the brand the chance to reach out directly to consumers and offers a platform for reputation management if any complaints are launched. It’s a more intimate and personal direct channel for brands to interact with consumers.

It was important that we got the right messages across about what makes us different, like our bespoke service. Working in partnership with Better with Jam has been great and we are very happy with the end result

So if you think you don’t have time to have fun at work…the truth is you don’t have time not to.

Great brand teams turn the same blocks into something magical using strategy and creativity.

When it came to it, one agency stepped beyond all others with their strategic thinking, endless creativity, and knowledge of our audience – and this agency was Better with Jam.