A creative brief becomes particularly handy, it concisely provides the direction needed to create the work, and it ensures everyone’s on the same page before resources are expended.

The results and outcomes are far better than I imagined and I feel extremely proud of what you have done for me.

What has made influencer marketing unique in the present is how social media communication has levelled the playing field and given anyone and everyone the opportunity to share their voice.

To create the definitive Costa Coffee Red colour, then work with the brand’s partners to ensure it could be reproduced across each of the different substrates within a store, from exterior signage to packaging.

A place’s brand, although hard to pin down exactly, derives from factors which can be usefully, if subjectively, measured and evaluated.

Better with Jam have big city talent without the high costs of a London agency.

Our strategic marketing and our great hospitality network ensured that Craig Sherrington came to the attention of The Great British Menu.

Dr Ed McKeever form Lancaster University ” We were trending no. 3 on twitter in Ireland. Your presentation drew a lot of positive comment in Ireland. Ireland loves Better with Jam”

Enormously powerful. Enormously fragile. Building a brand takes vision. It takes passion and sweat. And perhaps most importantly, it takes discipline.

The place making process usually involves creating a strong brand based on a thorough understanding of a destination’s heritage and unique offerings.

Most brand content fails because it lacks narrative conflict. It has been authored by people writing for their own enjoyment, rather than with their audience in mind.

Albert Einstein said ” Knowledge comes from experience. Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience.”